The new social hub for autistic young people!

Developed with autistic young people for autistic young people, The A List is the online information and booking hub of autism friendly things to do you have been searching for!


The A List will deliver

  • The A List Online Hub - A national platform providing young autistic people and their families the ability to search for and book ‘autism-friendly’ activities from both mainstream and specialised organisations all around Australia, including peer support groups and community options.
  • Free capacity building videos and online resources that focus on social goal setting and decision making.
  • Support for organisations: the A-List will provide funding to innovative grassroots organisations, helping them to expand on the delivery of their social programs in areas where they are most needed.

What kind of providers will be on the A List?

Social options may include sport, art, music or gaming. Or how about hiking, adventures, animals and horses?

We are collecting as many activities as we can from mainstream, specialist or community options. We are hoping to find something for everyone!

Look who has joined the A List already:

The story of The A List and its journey so far!

Find out how the idea for The A List came about, when it launches and how you can stay in the know!


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The A List is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services (NDIS ILC grant)

An online hub to find social and group activities

As you may know, MyCareSpace helps people living with a disability find the information and supports they need. Every day we speak to young autistic people and their families, support coordinators and LACs who are looking for social options.

And so the idea for 'The A List' was born, an online hub to help young autistic people find social activities.

The A List is a federally funded project to help young autistic people and their families all around Australia find social options.

The A List will be built with the help of young autistic people and is being delivered together with the support of our consortium members: the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO), Autism Community Network and Autism Aspergers Advocacy (A4).

Meet the A List Ambassadors

These young people represent the face of the A List.

Summer Farrelly

Summer Farelly

Summer is a 14 year old passionate about breaking down stereotypes and calls herself an “autistic advocate”.

Summer is living with her family that consists of multiple autistic members, each with their own complexities. This means she can share both a relatable and diverse perspective with our community.

We love how Summer is a role mode to other young teens learning to embrace their “authentic selves” and we recognise the courage it takes to share many of her own personal experiences.

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Sam Valavanis

Sam Valavanis

19 year old Sam from Victoria has 2 passions - trains and being on the radio.

Sam is autistic as well as blind, having lost both his eyes to a rare cancer as a child.

Sam is currently studying a Diploma of Audio Engineering and Sound Production at Melbourne’s JMC Academy.

Ultimately Sam wants to have his own radio show to advocate for others with disabilities, presenting the best way to assist without being overbearing and imposing on their personal space.

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Richard Habelrih

Richard Habelrih

Richard recently launched “Timmy The Turtle”, which is an animated movie whose voice overs are all young autistic people. The story parallels Richard’s own experience growing up with constant bullying and inspires friendship and inclusion.

Despite doctors telling his mum that Richard would never speak, he now presents all around Australia for Autism MATES.

MATES is an acronym for Mates Assisting to Engage Socially because no matter when someone is on the autism spectrum, socialisation is often one of the biggest challenges.


George Drakoulis a.k.a Spike

George has a love for all things movies. He spends his time acting (he's currently filming an NDIS training video), runs a podcast and is an avid filmmaker.

George, or rather 'Spike' is also a talented voice actor, having recently been 'Shane the Shark' in the "Timmy the Turtle" animation.

The three most important things to George are: people, movies and autism and he believes they intertwine in equal parts to form the person he is and will help him achieve success.

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